There is a reason the McFlurry machine is always ‘broken’.

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The McFlurry machine is always broken, this could be the reason behind it…

You hit the drive through at 11pm, you’ve spent hours looking forward to the new ‘special’ McFlurry – ”Sorry, the machine is broken”.

It turns out that McDonalds don’t just have rubbish machines – but it’s actually PLANNED to be ‘broken’!!

So, WHY would they do this to us?

In reality, the machine has an 11-part cleaning process (clean is good), and this can take up to 4 hours to complete…

IT’S DONE EVERY DAY. A spokesperson for McDonalds said ”we regularly service our soft-serve equipment during off peak hours”

They went on to say ”Customers who come in this time may experience a long delay, or unavailability of the soft-serve dessert”.

If you want one – basically, go when it’s busy.

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