This Bulldog Has The Best Reaction To Horror Movies!

”Don’t go in there!” ”He’s behind you!” ”It’s behind you!” sound familiar? That’s probably because we all do it while watching a horror movie!

Apparently, we don’t just do it as this dog is exactly the same (minus actually talking)

“Khaleesi the bulldog loves watching horror movies and always tries to protect any potential victims from harm,” writes the canine’s owner Dawn Curran.

“She is especially vocal when children are in danger as seen in this clip,” comments Khaleesi’s human. The video proves that this doggie’s instincts are always on point. This time the pooch was watching The Conjuring, so it was no wonder she was so frightened.

Peoples’ reactions varied. One commentator wrote: “Calm down, dog. I’ve been yelling at dumbasses in horror movies for years. It never helps. They’re dead.”

While another added: “Conclusive proof that horror movie protagonists really are less intelligent than dogs. Come on, writers.”

Watch the video below and see for yourself!