10 things that always happen at the cinema

Going to the cinema is fun but here are some things that are guaranteed to happen…

1. The infamous Pic n’ Mix prices

Looks like we’ll have to put some of these jelly snakes back.

2. A tall person sitting in front of us

This always happens. We start out thinking we have an amazing view of the screen and then someone the size of a tree sits in front of us!

3. The false start

“Oh, it’s starting…” Those words said excitedly as the lights dim only to discover it’s actually only the trailers.

4. “I want to see that!”

Admit it, you’ve said this after almost every trailer but haven’t been to see any of them.

5. Someone having a coughing fit

I hope you’re okay and everything, but could you please stand outside?

6. Someone doesn’t put their phone on silent

And about 40 minutes into the film their ringtone will blast out.

7. The noisy eaters

From rustling popcorn, to slurping on a soft drink, those noisy eaters really can ruin a movie moment!

8. Smelly food

Almost as bad a noisy food is smelly food. Cheesy nachos and hot dogs are the worst culprits. And what a surprise, they are sat near you.

9. Loud children

It’s probably our own fault for going to see a Disney movie.

10. Talkers

Whether it’s questions about what is going to happen next or nothing to do with the film, these people can never stay quiet. We’re too polite to say anything so we simply tut.

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